5 Motivating Reasons To Run A Half Marathon

Ever thought about running a half marathon but then the voice in your head says forget about it! Trust me, I know the feeling. I had never imagined myself signing up for one, let alone, finishing 15 of them! If I can do it, anyone can.

Here are five motivating and inspiring reasons to run a half-marathon:

#1: The sense of accomplishment.

Let’s be clear here:

Running a half-marathon is hard.

It takes months of training to maintain the energy and stamina to complete 13.1 miles (despite rain, shine, heat or cold).

So feel proud of yourself for even undertaking this arduous journey! Trust me, when you cross that finish line it is the BEST feeling in the world! Soon you’ll be booking your next marathon. Maybe I’ll see you there!

#2: You’ll get in shape!

In my experience, training for a half-marathon will force you to

eat well & work out regularly.

Try not to overdo it with unhealthy carbs (eg, pasta, processed foods, white bread, etc) and instead fill your diet with nutritious foods such as nuts, whole grains, fruits, etc.

To train, find a schedule that works for you that includes both cardio and strength training. You’ll get plenty of cardio with your short and long runs, but you will need to incorporate a total body strength training regimen which includes core and lower body exercises to help prevent injury. Running long distances puts a lot of stress on the joints in the lower body.

Strengthening these muscle groups will help support your hips, knees, and ankles.

Speaking from experience, you don’t want a knee injury during training for your race!


  • One great way to train is through Orangetheory Fitness. It has great classes that combine total body strength training with cardio. Check out my blog on reasons to try Orangetheory Fitness if you aren’t familiar with it.

#3: You get to travel!

Ok so not everyone thinks of running 13.1 miles and traveling or vacationing in the same sentence.

But hear me out.

I started out running races within driving distance of my home, then transitioned to ones in other states, then around the world! My friends and I have run races in Canada, Madrid, and even Paris! The experience is always amazing. We start the trip with the race, and then enjoy the rest of the week traveling, exploring the city/country, and eating guilt free meals. The courses themselves are well made, with iconic views of the city and beautiful scenery. It’s a great way to experience the city!

#4: You will always have support!

Considering that I travel a lot to run these races, I rarely have loved one’s coming with me to cheer me on. So I rely on the spectators and locals, and, to be honest, they do a phenomenal job. They come out to cheer the runners on, no matter the weather, and their energy is infectious.

Besides, having hundreds of people cheering you on in a different language is both encouraging and entertaining!

#5: The overall experience is well-worth it!

Whatever city you find yourself in and whichever race you’ve signed up for, one thing is certain… you’ll have an unforgettable experience! Most races dedicate the whole weekend to the runners and provide perks, awesome bags, pre-race free stuff at the expo, and much more during and after the race. Depending on which half-marathon you sign up for, you’ll have great music, tons of spectators, and breathtaking views along the course.

Registering can be pricey depending on the race you choose, but it’s worth every penny. If you’ve decided which race you want to run early on, then you can take advantage of early bird specials when prices are cheaper.

Concluding thoughts:

Whether you’re completely against the thought or considering signing up for a race, running a half marathon shouldn’t be something unimaginable and unachievable. It may seem intimidating but remember

the first step is signing up, and the hardest part is committing.

If you do these two things, you are guaranteed success!

If you have run a half marathon before, what were some reasons you signed up? Comment below!

Also, check out the gallery below of some half marathons I’ve done!


Would love to hear your comments!

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